4 Tips & How to Start a Business in the Digital Era

Nowadays, things are starting to shift towards digitization. Almost every field uses technology for productivity, such as money transfer, learning, transactions, entertainment, everything uses digital capabilities. Even business in digital era is no exception.

On the Internet, you can build and develop business ideas and branding strategies , whether your business is offline or online . To start a business in the digital age with little or no capital, you must first look for business opportunities with location surveys, consumer surveys, price surveys, and more.

After that, there are other things that need to be prepared to start a business. Especially if you start from scratch or have no previous business experience. How to start a business you should know step by step below.

Establish and Develop a Business Platform

In the digital era, the internet has become the largest product selling, communication, and business presentation platform, all of which you can take advantage of by building a virtual store. In the digital era, websites and social media are necessary points. Moreover, now everyone is doing most of their activities digitally, especially during the time of social restrictions due to the current pandemic.

The “business house” that was built was simple, really. If your business is going digital, you need to set up a website, especially if your business model competitors have it. Meanwhile, if your business model is offline , such as food or clothing, you can start with social media.

Websites and social media are used to enhance customer experience and brand image. Both are important and it is advisable to develop both. The analogy is that if the website is a physical store, social media becomes a shop where customers share information (word of mouth socialization).

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Amazingly, now there is e-commerce whose function can replace a website. Think of it in terms of physical stores, websites, e-commerce , and social media as stores that never close and always get attention.

Spread Information with Quality Content

Once websites and social media are built, the next step is to popularize them. You see, if websites and social media are already popular, the advertising strategy is almost fulfilled. However, being popular is not enough. You must attract consumers by spreading information about your business or products. As a new force, content marketing is now the most powerful strategy for most businesses.

Creating quality content has become a way of starting a new business in the digital age. It’s important because it’s the best way to get your audience to know your brand and get them involved in the process. Catch their interest, and they will look forward to your product postings every time.

Once this happens, you can start moving them to a sales link , either through your website or e-commerce, which will turn them from potential customers to buying customers.

Create a Marketing Strategy with an Interactive Campaign

Actually, how to start a business on this one is almost similar to the previous point. It’s so similar, it’s a point that shouldn’t be left out. By combining customer interest with marketing strategy, it is considered as an effective means of business growth.

Interactive campaigns are usually carried out on social media. It works by posting content as usual, but adding a call-to- action as well as an action . For example, in the form of a quiz or giveaway through the application of a hashtag or follow the account.

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Although simple, it has a significant effect. This application can increase engagement , increase brand awareness , word of mouth promotions, and most importantly, save on expenses. With a minimal budget, the results you get are more optimal.

The Importance of Feedback from Customers

It connects with your audience personally for the betterment of your business. Whether on a website or on social media platforms, your customers want to be heard and want their opinions known. No matter how complicated customers are, they have a concern for your brand and business, there’s nothing wrong with responding with gratitude and attention.

Even if the feedback you receive is negative, it is a risk. Negative feedback is bound to happen, whether you choose to admit it or not. If you choose to ignore it, you run the risk of missing out on an opportunity to improve the situation.

Remember that when viewed from the right perspective, negative comments can help your business point out product deficiencies, service challenges, or other areas you may need to improve your business.

The feedback philosophy is simple: one comment from a dissatisfied customer is often more helpful than 20 positive comments. Because negative comments can provide opportunities. The key is to listen, acknowledge, and respond appropriately.

After your business is running, the next step is to develop it. Set a sustainable strategy for a better business. For the basis for making decisions, you can use financial reports or customer feedback that has occurred for a certain time.

One more thing that needs attention is equipping human resources with digital knowledge. If you are digitally “literate” but employees are still clueless, of course this will hinder other execution processes.

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That’s how to start a business in this digitalized life. Make sure you start a business when you start recruiting a technology-savvy generation so that employees can do everything digitally smoothly.