A Look At Packaging Materials

A Look At Packaging Materials

When it comes to packaging materials, there are many different types from which to choose, and most situations depend entirely on the items, or products, being transported. Let’s take a look at some of the materials, and how they are implemented in helping end users get quality goods.

Most people are familiar with paper being use to wrap such items as dishes and other glassware for moving purposes, and you can use either tissue or newspaper which can be purchased in sheets, or rolls. Once the items are wrapped in paper they are usually placed inside a cardboard box for shipment.

Film packaging includes several types of material. Bubble wrap is considered a film, and Mylar is used for making static free bags that are used for shipping electronic circuit boards. Shipping tubes are also made of film material, all of which can be obtained by the roll for easy use. It can also be used for laminating, and makes a good protect covering for the exterior of boxes.

Thermoformed packing is used when several parts need to be shipped in the same container, without allowing any of them to shift, or move around inside the box, during transportation. Typically, these are sheets of material which are heat molded to fit the part which will be laid inside the depression. This allows a box to be designed which has no wasted space, but keeps each item secured.

Foam packing is especially used when there are corners of a product that need to be protected during transport. Some of these are preformed Styrofoam pieces which are fitted to the item during packaging. There are also spray foams which are used to fill all of the empty spaces inside a container, after the product is properly placed in the box.

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Textile packing is used when a frame is necessary to mount a heavy object, such as an automobile engine. These units are then sometimes placed inside other smaller containers which help to stabilize the shipping process. These can require assembly, and once delivered with the product, can be disassembled and reused as a recyclable product.

Plastic is used to make bags for shipping such things as clothes, hardware and food items. Most retail stores use these to package up the items purchased by a customer, and can easily be printed with company logos, or other advertisements. These can be purchased in bundles of bags, or in sequentially perforated rolls.

Bulk drums are used for shipping up to 2000 pounds of contents per drum. Many types of produce are shipped using these to protect them from exposure to light which hastens the ripening process. Clothing and other types of products are often shipped in bulk drums because these devices are easy to load and unload at trucking terminals.

Whether you are moving you and your family to a new location, or have products which need to be shipped, there are many types of packaging materials from which to choose. From tissue wrapping paper, to big barrel bulk drums, there is sure to be a container that can accommodate your needs.