A Multitude of Washers Available

Washers used in fastener assemblies are available in a multitude of types, materials, thicknesses, and sizes. They are versatile, durable, and serve many functions. It is amazing how essential a simple component can be to so many products, applications, and industries. A perfect example of how instrumental they are is the fact that a sink faucet will not move if the washers are worn or damaged.


Standard Flat Washers, as the name implies, are the most common type. These sizes are pretty much universal for every day appliances, furniture, vehicles, toys, power tools, and most other items that are mass produced. Rounded flat washers are similar but have more variations in sizes and thickness.

Spring washers, which are typically made with stainless steel, are available in all sizes of three basic shapes. There are one wave, three wave, and belleville styles. Metric ones are also available to easily accommodate items manufactured with that system of measurement.

Military washers are manufactured in over twenty specifications. The uniformity and precision of each is regulated for special equipment, heavy-duty vehicles, weapons, research instruments, and other applications. These are also used in industrial, automotive, and aerospace industries, among others.

Custom Washers

When none of the washers available will provide the right thickness or function for a specific application, custom washers can be designed to business specifications. Natural material choices include brass, copper, stainless or carbon steel, and aluminum. A variety of alloys and specialized nylon and polymer materials are also available when extra strength is required. Plating can be completed in zinc, black, and cad yellow, among others.

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Forty-five years of experience, two manufacturing plants, and state-of-the-art equipment means orders of all sizes can be filled in the shortest time possible. Turnaround times for custom washers average five to seven days. Fast quotes can be requested online.

These products are all made in America. A massive inventory is maintained to provide customers with what they need when they need it. Specialty sizes are also found in stock. Business owners who may not be sure which particular washer to use for a new product or application can speak to company professionals to determine the best washer for the situation.