Canopies – Versatile and Affordable

Canopies – Versatile and Affordable

Canopies or pop up tents as they’re sometimes referred to, are an easy and convenient way to provide shade and protection from the sun. They can be used almost anywhere. They’re constructed to be durable and have numerous uses for the home or for commercial use. When shopping online, you should make your selection based on the construction of the unit, the price, how easy it is to construct, and if there’s a warranty included with the product you choose. A reputable company will always allow you to return merchandise that’s defective within a reasonable amount of time. Be sure to order from a company that has a customer service number to contact for any issues.

Canopies are becoming more popular for a variety of uses and settings. Some are commercial grade which can protect vehicles from the elements when a garage isn’t on the property. They can also be used to store commercial equipment or valuable personal items. A great use is for people who have a fireplace. They can store their winter supply of wood under a canopy to keep it dry. They can be used in addition to or in combination with portable garages or carports. When you don’t have storage space on your property, a good alternative is to have a commercial style canopy put up on your property. They’re waterproof and treated with a material to make them UV resistant.

Canopies can be used for large family reunions or small, intimate parties. They’re easily set up to use for tradeshows, outdoor festivals, or musical events, and can be taken down easily and quickly once your event is over. You can even purchase styles that are flame retardant for additional safety. The versatility of these structures is something that is valued by many customers. A standard variety ordered online can always be upgraded to a canopy that’s fully enclosed without spend a lot of extra money. Kits are available making it easy to convert the unit yourself.

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In the summer, canopies can keep you cool and comfortable, despite the heat. A commercial grade type can be easily converted to provide more cool air without being exposed to the sun. A mesh cover for the top of the unit will prevent you from getting too much direct sunlight, but still provides enough air flow to keep you cool. These versatile units come in pop-up styles, valance top, fully enclosed versions, sun shades for use over the pool or patio area, and standard styles. You can even find larger sizes to accommodate your boat, RV, or farm equipment.