Carrio Cabling Custom Coil Assemblies


Carrio Cabling’s flexible and durable custom coil cords are among the best for various industries. Their coil cords have been designed to last and maintain shape and elasticity over time.

They start with a sketch of your idea, design it, and produce a rapid prototype. Next, they manufacture, test, and ship your product.


Flexible and durable custom coil cords are among the best available, delivering durability that’s proven repeatedly to maintain shape, elasticity, and strength. These cable assemblies support our military men and women on their most challenging missions or enable surgeons to do complex surgeries with cutting-edge equipment in an industrial setting.

A critical factor in the overall durability of a cable assembly is the material used to support it. Fillers, insulators, and wraps are often used in cable assemblies to help protect and reinforce the conductors.

These insulated and pliable materials are applied over the cables to prevent friction, enhance strength, and increase lifespan. Additionally, they help ensure the integrity of the electrical circuit and avoid electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio-frequency interference (RFI), which can degrade or even shut down the system entirely.

The design-to-manufacture process for a custom cable assembly starts with an idea or sketch. Our team then develops a detailed technical design based on your specific specifications. Finally, we produce a rapid prototype using stereolithography (SLA) and low-force SLA printing capacities on-site for you to test and approve before we manufacture the final product.


The custom coil assemblies from Carrio Cabling are among the best in performance and design. With several different patented technologies, including Schleuniger’s programmable multi-level strippers, you can be confident in the quality of our products, whether it’s a military-grade cable assembly or a high-density coax connector.

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Our vertically integrated manufacturing operations feature a highly seasoned and expert team of toolmakers. We proudly boast a state-of-the-art cellular assembly line that produces various product types. We also have a robust quality control system in place, which is a vital component to the success of any product. Our top-of-the-line equipment is complemented by hands-on, on-site inspections that will give you the peace of mind and confidence to make a purchase decision with complete confidence. From sketch to shipping and all points in between, we can deliver the goods on your schedule and within budget.


Carrio Cabling custom coil assemblies are among the best in durability, flexibility, and customization. They are UL/ISo certified for safety and can be designed to meet the stringent requirements of aerospace, military, medical, telecom, and instrumentation industries. Their cable assembly designs are engineered to reduce stress in the terminal points that can cause termination failure. They also offer various strain relief options to help prevent these problems.

During the design process, discussing with the manufacturer how they plan to ensure your product will be safe is essential. Ask about their testing procedures and certifications and how they will ensure your cable assembly meets all safety requirements. These details can save you time and money down the road, as well as prevent any unforeseen injuries or legal problems. It is also a good idea to discuss how they will maintain the safety of your product over time.


Whether your coil cord needs are military, commercial, or oil field-related, Carrio Cabling has you covered. First, our design, engineering, and manufacturing teams will create a custom cable assembly that meets your specifications. Then, using various methods, including stereolithography (SLA), we can produce the perfect coiled cable assembly for your needs. We’ll also take the time to demonstrate our craftsmanship and expertise with hands-on, on-site quality control. Ultimately, we can save your company money by producing a superior, more affordable replacement coil cable than you would have otherwise spent.

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Contact us today to learn more about our custom coil assemblies and other cable and hardware solutions. Our customer service team is always available to assist you with your needs. We look forward to talking about your next project! For over a decade, we have provided quality cable and hardware solutions to the electrical, oil, medical, and military industries.

We are proud to be an American-owned and operated company that manufactures cable assemblies, wire harnesses, connectors, coils, power cords, terminals, camera links, jackscrews, and other hardware items.