Five Factors That Affect Shipping Container Prices

Five Factors That Affect Shipping Container Prices

When you shop for a shipping container you may find a variety of prices available. It is easy to buy the first cheap container you find. You must, however, understand what goes into shipping containers prices in order to determine if that great deal is really as good as it seems. There are many aspects that affect the cost of shipping containers: size availability, location, condition, how long you need the unit, and added features or modifications.

Size can affect your price, because a more common size like a 20 foot or 40 foot steel container will be a better bargain since there are more available. It will also be easier to find these sizes second-hand, as there are the most common especially for shipping overseas. If you need a larger or smaller size container you may have to shop around more to get a good deal.

Your physical location can also affect your container price. If you are located near a seaport, you have a better chance of being near multiple container retailers. You may even be able to get a good used steel container from your local shipping yard. If, however, you live far away from accessible containers, you may have to pay to have it shipped to you. You may also not be able to get the best pick since you cannot view it in person. If you do chose to see units in person, you will have to travel to do so. Be sure to also check for train stations in your vicinity.

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How long you need a container is an important determining factor when pricing shipping containers. You should review prices for new, used and rentals. New containers are, of course, the most expensive, but they are best for actual shipping purposes. If you plan to use your container for self storage or moving, a used container is a great option. It is cheaper and most likely still in very usable condition. Rentals are the way to go if you only need a container for a very short time. If you think a rental may be best for you, be sure to check out used containers too. Maybe you can find a good deal that will make it possible for you to use and then resell the container later. You may even be able to find another purpose for a container such as extra storage around your home.

Condition and age also affect price when a container is used or rented. This should not be a factor for a new container as it should be in prime condition. Be sure to check, however, that someone is not trying to sell you a used container with a great paint job and claiming it as new. When inspecting a container for condition, be sure to look for any cracks or holes that will compromise the stay-dry integrity of the container. You will also want to make sure that all doors are working properly.

The final determining factor for shipping containers prices is modifications or added features. A basic steel container comes with no extras. It will be just be plain and sturdy, possibly with a door if it is a big container. There are a multitude of container modification options. If you are planning to use it for building purposes you can have extra doors, windows, electricity, sanitation, and insulation put in. If you plan to use the container for a portable vendor cart or storage unit, you may wish to have a roll-up door installed for easy access. Another good choice is a refrigerated container to store bulk food. Other options include special door locks, paint, and business logo application. Most container retailers, like Aztec Containers, offer these variations, or you can purchase a standard container and do the installations yourself. Modifications are a great option to multiply the uses of your shipping container.

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