Garage Storage for Food Storage Helps You Avoid the Old Mother Hubbard Syndrome

Garage Storage for Food Storage Helps You Avoid the Old Mother Hubbard Syndrome

Have you ever wondered how a mother of so many children failed to plan properly in a way that not even the dog could nibble on a bone? I guess that the fact that she lived in a shoe and didn’t have a place for garage storage may be part of the problem. Luckily for most Americans, our garages are just waiting to be organized and used properly to help with our food storage needs.

For various reasons, families desire to have enough room to store extra food. You don’t have to be a depression era baby to have this basic survival instinct. The problem is that many kitchens just don’t seem large enough to store more than a month of staples.

In this scenario it is smart to look at a garage storage planning system that will accommodate an extended supply of food and water for each member of your family – including the family dog – in case of an emergency.

The reasons for wanting a supply of food and water are many. If there is a natural disaster such as an earthquake or storm you could be cut off from the normal food supply chain for an extended period of time. If you unexpectedly lose your source of income, you would be relieved to know that your family will not go hungry as you find new work. A food and water supply quite simply offers peace of mind, and a good set of garage storage shelves and cupboards will help you keep your sanity as you organize your added supplies.

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There are a few tried and true rules for storing your food whether it is through a garage storage system or with a pantry storage system. First, be sure to store the types of food you eat and eat what you store. Don’t just buy it, store it, and forget it. Second, rotate your stock. This will help avoid food spoilage or the loss of nutrients and taste.