How To Prepare For Your Next Move

It is estimated that the average person will move approximately five times during their lifetime. It is also estimated that a successful business will move at least once in the life of the business. Certainly, most moves are very stressful on the individual, family, or even a business. The key to a stress free move across town or across the country begins with good planning and hiring the right professional movers, if you are moving chicago il. Here are a few tips to make the move less stressful and practically effortless.

Don’t Delay The Planning Phase

Most moves are stressful because the business or family that is moving did not take adequate amount of time to plan for the big move. The fact is that most people are going to wait to the very last minute to make the moving plans. It just makes good common sense to prepare a few months or even a year before the big move. Early planning will help to smooth the move.

Budgeting And Calculating Cost

Another important key to planning a smooth move involves budgeting and calculating the cost of the move. First, sit down with a notebook, piece of paper, or a spreadsheet on your computer. Next, start with the budget or the amount of money available for the move. This is the total amount that you have or will spend for the move. Add the cost for hiring a professional moving company, the cost for moving supplies, travel cost and any other things that will cost you money.

Collect Moving Supplies

Often, a moving company will charge a lot extra for moving boxes. It might pay big dividends to use old moving boxes or any type of boxes that are already around your property. Also, check grocery store bins, retail store bins, and local grocery stores for discarded boxes that are in good condition. This will save you a few extra dollars and help you to pack those small items efficiently.

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Clean Out

Forget about sentimentality, and start to clean out your old property, whether it is a home or a business. Do you really want to take all your old junk to your new place? This is the perfect time to reduce the clutter. Purge old items by giving them away, donating to charity, or tossing those items that do not work out into a recycle bin.

Select A Mover

It is always a good idea to hire professional movers to make your move to the new property as seamless as possible. However, it is important to note that movers vary in experience and abilities. Shop around for a professional moving company with experience and good reviews. Remember, the cheapest mover with the lowest quote, might not be the best for your move. Select a few movers, and get a free quote on the charges for the move. Always watch out for scammers that low ball other movers. Only deal with a legitimate moving company with plenty of proven experience in the area. Make sure the company is also licensed and bonded.