How to Store Clothing

How to Store Clothing

Protecting the investment that you have made in your wardrobe is very important. Clothes can last for many years if they are properly cared for and stored when not in use. Use this guide to make sure that you are doing what you can to keep your clothing fresh when in storage, wrinkle free, and in good shape.

1) Store clothing on hangers if possible. Rolling garment racks are inexpensive and give you a great place to store your off-season clothes when they are not in use. Suits and coats especially need to be hung to avoid losing shape in the shoulders. Covering your garment rack with a zip up cover will keep your clothes free of dust.

2) Storing clothes often brings up the concern of moths, mold, musty odors and mildew. Using cedar hangers will take care of all of these things. Cedar hangers absorb moisture from the air keeping your clothes from getting damp. This is especially important if you store you clothes in a garage, basement, or seldom used room. Moisture grows mold, which is responsible for the musty odor that you smell after storing your clothes in a cardboard box. Cedar hangers also help clothes keep their shape and deodorize to keep everything smelling fresh.

3) Save space by using metal hangers to hang things where shoulder shape isn’t an issue. Metal hangers are super slim, lightweight, and are a lot stronger than wire hangers. They fit tightly together to help keep clothes from moving around and getting wrinkled during storage.

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4) Use vacuum space saving bags for items that should not hang, like sweaters. You can toss in some used dryer sheets to keep sweaters and comforters smelling great while in storage. New dryer sheets can leave a white, waxy deposit on your clothes, so used ones are best. Using vacuum storage bags helps save space and also takes care of the moisture issue.

5) Items can be stored anywhere around the house. Shallow containers can hold clothing underneath your beds and couches. If you toss in some used dryer sheets and cedar closet accessories, such as cedar planks or cedar balls, you won’t have to worry about musty odors, mold and mildew.

6) Only store clean clothing. Sweaters, suits and dresses hold body oils that you may not notice initially. But, when these oils are left on clothing in storage, it can cause damage and make things smell. The body oils also attract moths who lay their eggs on spots like this. Clean or dry clean your clothing before you store it. Use the right hangers, like cedar hangers, and your clothing will be protected all season long.