How To Store Your Bike

How To Store Your Bike

So you’ve just forked out a fortune on a brand new bike. Your new pride and joy! But where do you put it? There is a range of storage options out there, for both inside and outside of the home. Depending on your circumstances and storage priorities, there will be something perfect for you and your bike.


There are a variety of ways in which you can store your bike inside.

Hang your bike on the wall

Storing your bike on a spare wall is a great idea, it keeps space free for walking and makes a pretty smart piece of artwork! Wall mounted bike racks are simple to install and inexpensive, they also come in a variety of styles, so it is easy to find one that blends into your home decor. However they aren’t the best option if you don’t want to ruin your perfectly designed home.

Hang it from the ceiling

What about hanging it from the ceiling? These racks have a winch mechanism and hooks, which allow you to hook your bicycle up and wind your bike up to the ceiling by using the handle. These are good for keeping your bike out of sight and not as obvious as a wall mounted bike rack, but if your tall watch your head!

Free standing bike racks

Don’t want to drill holes in your wall? Or have your bike hanging from the ceiling? Or just have too many bikes for that kind of storage? What about a free standing bike rack? These are designed to store either single or multiple bikes.

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If you have space outside your home and don’t want your bike hanging about inside your house, outdoor bike storage might be the best option for you.

Bike lockers

For 1 or 2 cycles a locker is a great investment for the outside of your home. Lockers are great as they stop you from having to drag dirt and mud through into the house. As this is an outdoor storage option, to keep your bike safe from theft, you need to make sure the locker you choose has security features.

Bike sheds

Bike sheds are slightly larger than lockers and are a good choice if you have more than 2 bicycles that need storing. These come in a variety of sizes and some can hold up to 7 bikes. Bike sheds are also useful for storing cycling and bike accessories as they can be quite spacious.