Info All About Bail Bonds


Times get tough, or individuals are looking for fun in the wrong places. These actions can put the person on the wrong side of the law. After being arrested and going through the initial court proceedings, they are sentenced to jail on bail. Sometimes, these figures are way to high for the individual’s family to pay on their own. This is where bail bonds can come into play. Bail bonds are a type of bond that is provided by the bond company. In most states, the defendant goes to a bail agent to process the bail bond. The bail is used release the individual from jail.

Types of Bail Bonds

Criminal Bail Bond: This bond is utilized in criminal cases, and the defendant is released from jail on the premise they will show up for their hearing on the court date. Additionally, it guarantees that the defendant pays for the fines against them.
Civil Bail Bond: This bond is utilized in civil court cases. The defendant has to pay the debts, including interests, that are set against them when they receive the bond.

Getting a Bail Bond

In court, the judge will decide on a bail amount for the defendant. If the defendant does not have this amount accessible to them, then they go see a bail agent. The defendant has to have some money on hand, however, because the bail agent will process their bail bond when they have 10% of the bail amount. This acts like a security deposit for the bail agent and their company. Collateral is used for the rest of the bail bond. The defendant must be able to provide this, if not, the bail agent can look to close relatives and friends if needed. After the defendant is approved for the bail bond, they must appear at court on the designated date, or the bail bond will be forfeited. The court will need to be paid the remaining amount of the bail bond, however, so the bail agent can and will use the defendant’s collateral as payment. If the defendant is responsible and appears on the court date, the bail bond is removed, and the collateral can be returned to the defendant. The bail agent will keep the 10% as a profit.

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Getting a Bail Bond

Finding a bail bond company to post a bond can be quite an errand. It is risky for the company to give the defendant a bond because there is a chance that the defendant will skip their court date, leaving the bond agent in a bind. Some areas do provide services, especially places like a 24/7 bail bonds Grover Beach CA residents trust. Approval can be difficult, but it is to the benefit to both parties involved. A quote is done to assess the defendant’s background, such as financial situation, family circumstances, and the case the defendant is involved in.

The Goal of Bail Bonds

Bail bonds are used as a means to prevent abuse of the appeal system. This can happen when the court gives an unreasonably high bond amount to a defendant who is unable to pay that price. A few states make obtaining a bail bond more streamline by removing the use of bond agents. These states are Kentucky, Oregon, Illinois, and Wisconsin.