Lucefin S.p.A. is among the most qualified companies in the steel industry: let’s find out why

Lucefin S.p.A. plays a leading role in the steel industry: an industry of excellence that guarantees high quality products and a fast, efficient and professional capillary service.

Lucefin is specialized in the production of cold-finished steel bars: cold-drawn, ground, peeled and reeled. Hot-rolled and forged steels complete their offer. The company offers a complete range of sizes, sections and steel grades: from flats to rounds, squares to hexagons and special profiles, alloyed and non-alloyed steel to stainless steel. Moreover, thanks to its plant equipment, it is able to supply cold-finished products with specific heat treatment, such as annealing, hardening and tempering, normalizing and stress relieving.

It also distributes products all over Italy via its 7 commercial warehouses strategically located in central and northern Italy. The commercial companies of the Lucefin group guarantee a fast and punctual service thanks to the high availability of material, with accurate controls on incoming and outgoing materials, and qualified technical assistance. Lucefin exports its products to Europe and worldwide.

The company is equipped with an R&D department dedicated to developing the most innovative processing technologies, with qualified personnel and equipped internal laboratories.

Lucefin collaborates with designers to identify the most suitable steels to be used in the realization of a specific component. Generally, a designer focuses on the specific use for which a component is intended and is not constantly updated on the different types of steel (there are more than 20,000), their availability and workability, management and procurement costs, processing technologies, and the many other parameters that must be carefully analyzed in order to make an efficient choice. Lucefin has the expertise and experience to cooperate with the designers in the evaluation and selection of the types of steel, machining technologies and most suitable parameters to achieve the best design solution.

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The company is committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle, the fundamental concepts of security, and it has been always sensitive to environmental issues.

The principles of legality, transparency, honesty, dignity, safeguarding of the common good, compliance with the law and regulations of the countries in which it operates are the ethical bases according to which the company works, reconciling them with the search for competitiveness on the market.

In addition, it continually commits itself to promoting the fundamental concept of security through targeted training, information awareness, minimization of unsafe behavior in order to create optimal working conditions and a quality work environment for all employees.

Lucefin evaluates and monitors the direct and indirect environmental impacts, as it constantly strives to limit them. The company effectively acts and defends the environment in which it operates, carrying out a process of continuous improvement. It encourages employees, collaborators, customers and suppliers to consider respect for the environment as a primary goal, as well as health and safety. The installation of increasingly advanced technologies, the saving of natural resources, the reduction of CO2 emissions and the impacts on soil and water result in better production, optimization of available resources and minimization of waste.