Moth Proof Storage Bags for All Your Fine Garments

Moth Proof Storage Bags for All Your Fine Garments

All your fine garments can now be protected, with a set of moth proof storage bags. Many sizes allow you to choose one that is right for each piece, while keeping out the harmful pests and protecting your clothes from other types of damage as well. They are a much better option than the alternative, which is to use those smelly balls that can be toxic to pets and children.

Using these products is a better idea than using the balls, because you will rid you closet of the nauseating smell. In addition, your garments will have protection even when they are moved from one location to another. This includes traveling as well. Whether you are staying with relatives or in a hotel, you may not be able to see the tiny pests that often chew golf ball size holes in garments. The larva are the ones that do the damage, not the adults, which are usually visually seen. They seem to especially like wool and heavier woven fabrics, which are often used in suits and better garments.

Using these products can protect your clothing from other types of destruction. In some climates, moisture can be a problem that leads to mold or mildew. With a tightly closed bag, there will be no worry about musty odors or mildew stains. In addition, you will keep your fine garments free of dust and debris that might come about with frequent travel. Many products are designed to fold, for the purpose of traveling.

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Products are made of a polyvinyl material, which is very thick. Most products contain a natural substance that keeps pests away. Products can be found in a variety of online stores and in many retailers that carry home storage and fabric care items. Prices are reasonable. You can typically find a single protector for long evening gowns or a set to use with your favorite suits and sweaters, for $25 or less.