New Ways to Present the Business

Basic tents and tablecloths with the business name and logo on them will suffice at trade shows, but will not distinguish the business from the hundreds of others also in the venue. Updating Trade show displays can increase the number of visitors to the booth. New configurations are available to attract people, make information more accessible, and make an impact.


Organizers of popular trade shows will keep booth spaces small to accommodate as many participants as possible. The more booth space available, the more money the venue makes. Trying to alter a large display into small spaces will result in a cluttered looking presentation. It makes more sense to order display towers instead of crowding information onto a table.

Display Towers

A wide variety of display towers is ideal for small spaces. Pockets, tiers, or shelves can display several types of information. Individual pockets can be customized to hold pamphlets on separate services or products, as well as full catalogs for distributors. A tower on each side of the booth will allow more people to gather information

Interactive towers can contain one or more touchscreens to engage visitors. A single screen can be set on the top tier. The display stand can be designed to hold a screen on each panel, allowing four people to access information at once. That avoids people having to wait in a line or squish in to view the screen.

If the trade show is for products and services for children and parenting, towers can engage visitors of all ages. One screen can be lower to allow access to children so they can play the game or view images of the product. A higher screen can be programmed to illustrate the educational benefits of the product to parents at the same time.

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In larger spaces, booths can be set up to have some type of seating available. That may be small stools, folding chairs, or benches for video presentations. Some permanent tents can have seating built right in. These are perfect for satellite branches of a business at a mall or airport.

A special coffee booth, for example, can demonstrate the features of a new coffee machine for the home. Passers-by can sit briefly and try samples of the variety of specialties the machine can produce. Provide postcards or business cards with the website or the main location where they can get the same machine.