Oak Mission Style Jewelry Box – A Prestigious Possession

Oak Mission Style Jewelry Box – A Prestigious Possession

Sometimes the person closest to you can be most difficult to buy a gift. So do not wait until the last minute to find that very precious and perfect gift for friends and family. An oak mission style jewelry box will add a touch of style and sophistication to a room’s décor.

If you treasure your jewelry, you owe it to yourself and your collection to store in properly .It offers convenience to find new jewelry  when already you know what you have. If you are looking for the perfect jewelry box for your treasures, it is important to organize your jewelry efficiently to know your requirements and then buy a new jewelry box.

Mission Oak furniture has been called the first truly modern style of American furniture. In both the manufacturing and finishing of handcrafted mission oak jewelry cases, emphasis is to buying forth the character and beauty of the wood. They all have variations in the color and grain; this is the part of its natural beauty. It is impossible to guarantee an exact match between two pieces of boxes, even after applying identical finishing process. This quality gives them its unique charm.

The best picks for Oak mission style jewelry cases:

1. Mission Oak jewelry armoire- Powell 255: Powell has created one of the finest wood mission oak furniture. This chest provides excellent storage for all your jewelry and accessories. You can safely store your rings, earrings bracelets, in the eight black full- lined drawers. A flip top mirror opens to a beautiful black lined compartment. Touch latch side doors swing open to store chains.

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2. Mission Style Oak finish wood jewelry storage armoire: this is a perfect piece of beauty. It has eight fully lined green drawers. Flip top mirror opens beautiful green-lined compartments. Touch latch side doors swing open to store chains.

3. Mission style Oak jewelry chest: Have fun organizing your oak mission jewelry chest. Eight drawers lined in black felt give you space to store whatever you choose. Wooden jewelry armoire has a toasty warm, mission oak finfish. It has two side cabinets with necklace hooks. Top lifts to mirror and ring storage.

4. Jewelry armoire mission modern large solid oak: the lid of top drawer actually lifts to reveal beveled mirror and storage for your jewels. The seven small drawers and two large drawers are lined with protective, anti tarnish burgundy velvet. There is padded watch and ring drawer; the remaining small drawers have wooden dividers. The two side doors open revealing hooks to hang necklaces, bracelets, pearls, strings of beads. It has heirloom quality, super finely finished to protect everything from snags or scratches to safeguard your treasured pieces.

The choices of these boxes reflect your personal tastes, personality, his or her likes and dislikes.