Powder Coating

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a type of coating that involves the application of dry powder for surface treatment. It is available in distinct colours and finishes. The application of the coat is done by electrostatic attraction. An electrical field is created between the negatively charged powder particles and the surface. The coat is then put under heat to cure. This allows the powder to flow and form an even coat across the surface. The powder is usually a thermoplastic compound. The final finish is always harder and tougher than conventional paint. Powder coating can be used on wide range of metal surfaces.

Applications of Powder Coating

Powder coating can be used in a myriad of applications where an attractive and tough coating is required. The applications cut across many industries such as;

-Furniture and specialist seating

-Bath and shower accessories

-Heating and lighting


-Doors and windows

-Office furniture

-Sport and outdoor activities

-Military and security

-Aerospace and automotive


-Building and construction

-Industrial electronics

The Powder Coating Process

Edmo Ltd provides quality powder coating services. They employ the latest technology to ensure optimum results. Prior to coating, the surface is pre-treated to clean the metal surface to allow strong adhesion. Items are taken through a number of pre-treatment tanks and manually processed. They are then loaded onto a conveyer belt. The powder coating is then applied manually to ensure optimum results. The items are then heat-cured under a temperature of 160 to 200 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes. The items later undergo careful quality inspection of the applied coating to ensure the best service possible, then packaged according to the customer’s preference.

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Types of Powder Coating

Edmo Ltd has a wide range of powder coating types. They include;

Antibacterial- This is applied to protect the surface from bacterial infestation and other chemical processes that might damage the surface.

Architectural- This coating is applied to architectural structures that require being coated in a specific colour and compound.

-Expoxy polyester

-Expoxy powder

-Nylon modified

-Polyester powder


Expoxy polyester, Expoxy powder Nylon modified and Polyester powder are distinguished according to the type of polymer compound used as the powder. The choice depends on the type of metal surface and other specifications of the surface being coated. Post-forming involves creating smooth edges on items, especially along bending edges. Powder coating is best fitted for such surfaces as conventional paint tend to peel out along edges.

Quality Upholding Policy

Edmo Ltd has endeavoured to always offer the best services of powder coating. They hold upholding quality standards in high regard and work within set British standards. They hold the following accreditations.

-BS EN ISO 9227:2006(ASTM B 287) Acetic salt spray test

-BS EN ISO 7253 Neutral salt spray test

-BS EN ISO 1519/3900 Conical mandrel bend test

-BS EN ISO 2409 Adhesion test

-BS EN ISO 2360 Thickness test

-BS EN ISO 2813 Gloss level test

-They are also ISO 9001:2015 accredited.