Redeeming Space: Overhead Garage Storage Systems

Redeeming Space: Overhead Garage Storage Systems

Benefits of Overhead Garage Storage

Want to gain nearly as much overhead garage storage space as your garage has floor space, save money on outside storage fees, create more room to park your car and bring order back to your site?

Overhead garage storage products will utilize vertical space you never knew you had and keep things off the ground and out of the way. Installation is pretty easy, which means organization becomes easier, too.

Some come with pulley hoist devices making raising and lowering a loading platform to the ceiling a snap. Safety is assured by sturdy brackets, racks and safety locks holding the load in place.

Here are 3 options that should fit the size, weight and character of whatever you want to store.

Overhanging Wire Storage

It’ll free up at least 40 cubic feet of space! This is a simple wire rack product that hangs from hooks and that is suitable for a stacking a lot of bulky items. It’s suitable for Christmas trees, boxes of seasonal clothing, bikes, whatever and holds up to 250 pounds.

It was designed to be easy to install and one person can have it up and useable in a few minutes. As for tools, you normally need only a drill and a screwdriver. All the accessories come with it in a box.

Shelving Hangers Solutions for Heavier Loads

You’ll gain a ton of extra storage space quickly and inexpensively because this sturdy overhead type holds up to 1,400 pounds and is easy to install. You could also use it in your basement or shed or even in a large attic.

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As to its size, the shelf which holds the load is about 2 feet wide and 10-12 feet long.

Only the wire and screw eye anchors are provided, but Home Depot or Lowes will rip you a plywood shelf at no or minimal charge for the ripping. Make sure you screw the eye anchors into the wood beams above the ceiling not just into the sheet rock.

Heavy Duty- Pulley System

When it comes time to bring out the winter or summer clothing, you may have to climb around a bit, unless you choose this heavy-duty pulley system. It’s designed to raise and lower items up to 250 pounds with minimal effort and will give you about 16 square feet of extra storage space.

Load the steel 4 x 4 platform and host away easily by cranking the handle. It’s great for boxes, tires, large tools, snow blowers, ladders, lumber, even canoes, kayaks and more.

Final Thoughts: Looking Up

Want to organize your clutter, free your car, increase your space and find last year’s Christmas lights? These are but three of the many types of overhead garage storage units that provide a creative answer to your storage problem.

For small garages, it’s an answer to a prayer. What an improvement over boxes stacked against the walls or on your work bench!