Self Storage – 10 Issues To Check Out Before Signing A Lease

Self Storage – 10 Issues To Check Out Before Signing A Lease

Anyone thinking about dealing with a company offering self storage in Chicago should spend some time preparing this venture. Proper planning will avoid disappointment later on.

1. Set a budget – Inform yourself about monthly indoor self storage pricing. You will need this information to determine the size of the unit you can easily afford.

2. Take a tour – Always check out storage facilities in Chicago. Not even the best websites can offer you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

3. Rental payments – When is the rent due? Ask the manager for information about rental due dates and payment options. Stick to the schedule so you do not fall behind on payments.

4. Packing instructions – Make sure that your belongings are boxed correctly. It is not the responsibility of a company supplying self storage in Chicago to protect your possessions against water damage, insects, and other unusual circumstances.

5. Determine unit size – Talk to the facility’s manager when you have your doubts about the size of the rental unit. Request a bigger space when you will be moving more stuff in later on.

6. Hidden fees – Always inform yourself about all the costs involved in self storage. You do not want to get stuck with fees you cannot afford.

7. Moving truck – Can your supplier of self storage in Chicago provide a moving truck? If he cannot, he should at least be able to recommend a reliable trucking company.

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8. Take out insurance – Make sure that the possessions placed in storage in Chicago are insured. In addition, buy a lock that cannot be cut by bolt cutters.

9. Learn how to pack – Keep your most valuable possessions in the back of your storage unit to better protect them. Items you may need before the lease is up should be kept in the front. Number all your boxes and make a list of what is in each box.

10. Accessibility – Select a company you can easily access by car or public transportation. You never know when you will need something from your locker.