Simple Clutter Solutions

Simple Clutter Solutions

Living in a small apartment or home with little storage can turn cozy into cramped pretty fast. Without a plan, your clothes and storage items can simply take over your home. It’s hard to relax and enjoy your space when you feel like you don’t have any! With constant clutter looming all around, you will just stay stressed and always feel like you’re out of control. Use these simple and reliable home organization methods to get your space in order. There’s no need to feel like you’re being squeezed out of your own home ever again!

1) Hanging shelves are great for closets and other areas where you might be able to make some storage happen. It’s usually not that you don’t have space available; it’s that you haven’t thought of how to most effectively use the space that you do have. Vertical space is often ignored and shelves are often too shallow to store everything that you need to.

2) Find spaces that you didn’t know you had. Sometimes a unique or creative arrangement of shelves inside of your cabinets can give you more space than you imagined. Look around the house and determine the spaces that are not being used efficiently. If shelves are too far apart, there will be empty space above your bins, books, boxes, or whatever you have there. Try adding shelves or hanging an undershelf basket from the higher shelves. These are great for storing smaller items, computer paper, baseball caps, socks, magazines, or toys.

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3) Look up! You can install shelves above doorways and around the ceiling. This is a modern way of creating storage or display space without cluttering up the room with big shelves. A shelf above a door that displays your favorite things or stores your cookbooks is not only an easy clutter solution, but it can give your home a unique feel.

4) Corner that clutter. Have you ever considered adding corner shelves to the bottom corners of the room, the front corners of the closet, or up the kitchen corner? You can create spaces for canned foods, pictures, books, knick knacks, and more. A lot of times we use our shelf space for displaying things like art or mementos. If we can get these things away from our larger storage areas and onto smaller shelves, we can make a lot of space with very little effort.

5) Utilize products that make space happen. There are many closet accessories that can be used all over the home. Make storage space in your closet by using velvet hangers, which are thin, space saving hangers. You can piggy-back them, use clips, and cascade clothing from them tripling closet space in minutes. Using tricks like this can help you to discover just how much hidden space there really is in your home.