Steel Storage Shelves – Solve Your Storage Problems Quickly and Easily

Steel Storage Shelves – Solve Your Storage Problems Quickly and Easily

Steel is known for its long life, durability, and ability to hold up under heavy loads, thereby making it a popular choice for a shelving material. For a product as simple as a storage shelf, the sheer variety of options available in the market can be bewildering. Steel shelves are available in different sizes, recommended loads and finishes.

Long-lasting and strong steel storage shelving makes use of stamped steel shelves to maximize available storage space. These heavy duty shelves allow maximum weight limits for storage. Most options in the market have a painted or galvanized finish to protect the steel from rust. Enameled or powder coated finishes are also available and are a higher quality choice as these finishes are much harder, more resistant to damage and last longer.

Each steel shelf is generally rated for a specific amount of weight. Make sure about the kind of storage you need when doing your selecting. Make sure you get the appropriate shelf to handle the maximum load you may store. Also, think about the amount of space you have to fill. Measure and work out the space you’ll need to avoid problems while installing the shelves. Most of the storage shelves provide for easy installation with standard hand tools. You can usually assemble your shelving easily, and with a little planning, exactly place the shelve so you will have maximum use. Shelves can usually be adjusted every 1 to 2 inches. Free standing shelves can be accessed from all four sides. Standard duty storage shelving may utilize particle board, plywood or steel decking.

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Storage shelves are built in many different configurations and sizes. Roll-out racks are available that have pull out shelves or drawers. You can find systems that range in capacity up to thousands of pounds. Watch for systems that offer full extension drawers that pull out all the way for easy loading and unloading. Some systems feature easy pull out racks or shelves that will give you full access to heavy loads of any type.

When you are in need of additional storage to organize and store all the various items that accumulate in your business or home all it takes is a little looking and you will find a steel shelving solution that is economical and will perfectly fit your needs. There are hundreds and hundreds of options for different types of steel shelving. Determine the size you need and the weight capacity required to safely hold the items you plan to store. Steel storage shelves can be sent to you unassembled allowing for savings in shipping costs. You’ll soon have your storage problems solved.