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Useful Advice for Someone Starting a Fitness Blog

With the growth in technology, you can now make money in many new unique ways. If properly harnessed, you can make money on many different online platforms. If you are passionate about exercise and are computer savvy, consider starting a fitness blog. Whether you have another full time job or not, a blog is a good idea as it is less involving. Unfortunately, many fitness blogs lose steam and disappear if they are not properly managed. If you want yours to be successful, follow these tips.

Research has shown that people nowadays are more interested in the visual than the written. It is much easy to keep someone interested in your blog when there are interesting videos and pictures. When posting videos, ensure they are of good quality, informative and catchy. Post the videos so that people can see you, see you doing exercises and other relevant content.

Another key ingredient for success is the content you post on the blog. Many fitness bloggers fail when they go for too long without posting. You need to post a variety of content on many different topics so as to attract any type of client. Create a regular schedule of when you post your content and follow it religiously. Before launching your blog, ensure you are very conversant with the blogging platform so that updating it becomes effortless.

People are always eager to share their experiences and seek advice where they feel comfortable. You therefore need to make your blog as interactive as possible. Interaction in this case means the ability to ask you questions and communicate with the other fitness enthusiasts. This can be accomplished by adding a forum on your blog. People are more likely to follow a blog if they get that sense of belonging.

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For a blog to be successful, you will need excellent writing and storytelling skills. Your writing needs to attract and keep the reader interested from start to end. Your posts should start with catchy intros that grab the reader’s attention, then followed up by statistics, facts and informative content. People appreciate and are motivated by real life examples of people who have achieved their fitness goals so add more of those.

Remember that, as the writer of your blog, people will be listening and looking up to you for inspiration. You therefore need to follow your own advice and show people the results of following that advice. Let your audience know what you are working on and be posting updates to show them the routines and dies work. When they see your own advice working for you, they will take you and your blog seriously.

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