The Goldmine in Your Storage Unit – Or – Ask for What You Want

The Goldmine in Your Storage Unit – Or – Ask for What You Want

As the late, great George Carlin has indicated, we all have stuff. We keep it, collect it, carry it, store it; and carry larger and smaller amounts of our stuff with us wherever we go, depending on the situation.

I recently emptied out my storage unit, taking note of what was in every box. I was going to move all that stuff to a less costly location. I was also moving furniture from my mom’s. She passed away at the end of last November and I’m still cleaning out her place. I needed a bigger storage unit. (UGH!) All those things in storage are probably not really worth what I have spent on storing them.

The inexpensive storage unit was “an upper unit.” Not an upstairs unit, mind you, but, quite literally, an upper unit, stacked on top of a lower unit. The only way to access that “upper unit” was by a “lift,” which was more like a forklift with a platform instead of forks. It would have been one thing to move boxes, but for furniture, especially heavy furniture, it bordered on ridiculous. By the time we realized what we would be up against, we had loaded the truck with all of my things and still had to drive an hour to pick up my mom’s furniture.

The people at the storage place that I had just moved out of, agreed to give me a larger unit for the same amount of money. It never occurred to me to ask before I registered at the new place. They also offer a nearly free truck to people who rent from them. I was paying way too much for a truck I needed only for a few hours, that I ended up renting for two days.

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We took an entire day to empty the truck into a storage unit around the corner from my original one. WoW! What did I get besides quite a workout? Some very interesting realizations…

First off, ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT – You just might get it!

Second, we all have stuff; some of us, more stuff than others. Some of us keep it in storage units; some of us keep that stuff in our heads. It all sits there in storage in an inactive state, doing us no good whatsoever, hoping that someday, we’ll have the opportunity to use it again. (I’m REALLY hoping!)

Similarly, if you have the idea for a book (or for several books) stored in your head, it is doing no good whatsoever, for you, for your future audience, for your business. It remains useless clutter until you bring it forth and create your book.

It’s not easy; I understand that. But in the long run, it’s easier than keeping it in storage and just dragging it around. It will take you further in life.

If you don’t know how to make it happen, don’t know how to get it out of your head (out of storage), ask. Just as I could have asked for assistance much sooner and saved myself a lot of time, energy and money. So can you. That is why I created The Writer’s Launch Pad 2-day workshop, the free e-course, and even Launch Pad Publishing. Do yourself and the world a favor, get your book out of your internal storage and get it written and published. Take your business and your life to the next level, starting now.

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