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How to Optimize Your WordPress Web Design Websites that are not optimized will not matter even if it has a good portfolio and a beautiful website theme. Your great portfolio or beautiful website theme will not have any effect on search engine ranking results in you don’t care for keywords, filenames, tags, meta tags, and other technical WordPress design details meant for SEO. An unoptimized site will not be seen by your target audience no matter how much effort you spend on making your WordPress web design. Below are some tips to help your WordPress Web design get noticed by search engines to help your business grow. Always use something which is optimized for a site theme. Many codes are used by many themes in order to create design and layout. When search codes do their rankings what they look for is appropriate content and not source codes.
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A sitemap in XML format is ideal for your designed WordPress website.
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If you want an optimized web design it should have a unique and high quality content with the right keywords which is able to highlight the overall theme. A clear, precise and readable content is needed. You put text so that your readers can read it and it is not useful for search engines. On your website, you should highlight informative content or specific keywords. In order to get website recognized, it is recommended to use H1 – H6 tags to highlight subtitles, heading, or important sentences. But, overloading this can also be harmful to your website. Your WordPress website will be recognized by search engines if you exchange back-links successfully with different high authority websites. The pages within your designed WordPress site have to be linked but not with irrelevant links. Do not overstuff your website with links. When calculating ranks, search engines draw images, so image file name should not be ignored. Search engine results pages contain text as well as images. You should put the right file name to your images if you want to be recognized by search engines. There should be strategic implementation of the keywords in the file name. It is important to put alt tags and title tags. Understandable short permalinks should be used. In permalinks, the first four words are very relevant. The rest of the words in the permalinks have no interest to search engines but the first four words. Flash should not be used for the optimization of your WordPress website. You don’t want to use Flash in your website since it is not recognized at all by search engines and besides, if you have Flash in your website, your loading time will increase which is not what customers would like to experience. If you restrict the use of Flash, you website can be a fast performing site which can greatly help in your search engine ranking.

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