Tips For How to Build Your Own Storage Shed

Tips For How to Build Your Own Storage Shed

When I built my first shed a while ago now a something my old boss used to say to me came to mind prior planning and preparation prevents piss poor performance. Building a shed will take a lot of planing, patience and hard work but overall the sense of accomplishment and pride you get from completing your shed is well worth the effort.

The first area to tackle is your local building regulations. Find out if you needs any special permit and that you are allowed to construct what you want. There are some incenses where your local area and building code may require a few things.

Once you have nailed that we can move on to the planing side of things. One of the decision you will have to make is what type of flooring you are going to have. A concrete foundation, cement or a wooden one. With my first shed we built a wooden frame one because it was cheap, easy to make and quick. However a cement foundation is better because it is more durable and sturdy. However overall the choice is yours.

The next area to go for when learning to build a shed is to figure out if you live in a area which is prone to freezing. If the ground where you are freezes you will need to protect your shed with frost protection foundation. This foundation will help the shed with stand the cold harsh element of winter. Frost protection should have a good consideration before you start any form of building.

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When purchasing wood it is best to get treated wood. Treated wood resist the affects of wood rot and any type of wood eating insects. Pressure treated lumber is really good. This is because it will keep your shed form being subject to warping due to the different weather climates.

A good tip for when you built your shed is to reinforce the lip on the door of the shed with a piece of metal, so that you don’t chip away at it in time by going in and out with items like a lawn mower. If you don’t reinforce the lip you can do some real damage and have to replace it in the future.

These are a few great tip when you build you shed. With prior planning and preparation you will have a great shed that you can be prod of, not to mention a good place to store all your items that are cluttering up the garden.