Tips to Save Moving and Storage Costs

Tips to Save Moving and Storage Costs

Packing Tips When Using Moving Companies

Relocating to a new place and packing belongings is a huge task, whether you plan to move yourself or hire a professional moving company. Now hiring professional movers eases the pressure of the transportation but still packing and unpacking stuff is a task in itself. But being informative and smart in how you pack your belongings will help you save money and less stress.

1. Don’t move things that are no longer needed. Sell or donate the unwanted stuff. Moving companies charge you for the time and resources it takes to move your belongings, so lighten the load.

2. Packing takes longer than you think. Start packing as soon as you know you are moving. Hiring a moving company can be done later too.

3. Plan ahead on how to pack stuff and pack belongings of one room at a time so that it is easy to track stuff.

4. Start packing things that are not immediately needed or least used for the time being

5. Label and mark every box with it contents and the room it belongs to. This will help while unpacking and save time and efforts.

6. Plan ahead on what you might need as a priority at the new place and store all such items in a common place. Mark those as “Priority open first” this will help save time and money.

7. Set aside suitcases that you and your family will live out of right before moving day and right after. Have these ready a week before moving day.

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8. Collect all personal files and other documentation and put them somewhere safe and in a place where they will not be accidentally moved.

9. Know and follow the rules of what you are allowed to pack (interstate moving companies give this list to all their customers).

10. Number all your boxes and make an inventory list as they are loaded and unloaded, so you can easily determine if something is missing.

11. Ask what the insurance policy of the company you hire covers. Obtain an additional policy, if necessary, to cover expensive items.

Tips to save moving costs

Moving takes a lot of planning, preparation and organization. Getting cheap moving companies is not a big deal but saving on packing materials is very essential. Here are some simple tips to save your packing costs.

1. Look out is anybody is moving in or out in your neighborhood. Chances are there that you can recycle the packaging material and save significant costs.

2. Check out retail or grocery stores for recycled boxes they might have.

3. Borrow reusable bins or boxes from family and friends. This will save you the buying as well as the storage costs as you will return most of the stuff to their owners.

4. Recycle newspapers instead of packaging paper.

5. Bubble wraps are very expensive use house hold items like old blankets or clothes to provide cushioning.

6. Do not pack things that won’t really be useful anymore. Sell or donate things you might not need again.

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7. Plan and organize the boxes mark each one with its belongings and keep essentials in a common place. Don’t waste money for things you already own but cannot find.

8. Confirm the return dates for any equipment rented, don’t get charged late payment fees.