Urban Survival Preparation

Urban Survival Preparation

I began on a journey a couple of days ago to prepare myself for the possibility of a natural disaster. Urban survival preparation does not seem such a big task, though could very well be one of the most important ventures of my life.

It was not long after my youngest daughter went of to school for the first time, that the second major Christchurch earthquake hit. Seeing the devastation, made me stop and think. If a disaster like that was to hit close to me I would not be prepared. I would be one of the masses, seeking shelter, food, warmth and quite possibly medical attention. For not only myself, but my wife and children.

I felt I should be ashamed of myself. I mean it’s not like there hasn’t been enough warning, these things are happening all around the world. The thing that got me worried about the Christchurch earthquake is that it supposedly wasn’t even on a major fault line. Whereas myself and my family live not too far from a volcano. So if or should I say when disaster strikes, I really will have no one to blame but myself, if I haven’t prepared for it. How hard can it be? I want to be someone in the small village that I live in, who will be able to take care of my family and be able to reach out to others.

A decent survival kit, supply of food and water, first aid supplies, some form of shelter, blankets, a way to cook and prepare food, and the list goes on. I have most of these things already, but if my house was to be destroyed. I would not be able to access them, they really need to be in a place away from house and shed. I guess then the first place to start, is to find a safe storage area for my disaster supplies.

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I have a hut that I built for my kids a few years back. It is away from the house and underneath is the perfect spot to construct a dry lockable storage area. If I have everything there then even if the hut came down it would still be fairly accessible and all in one place. A whole lot easier than trying to find supplies in rubble.

As for the supplies I’m sure even though times are tough, and they are. (I have been laid of three times in the last two years.) We could begin to put away a couple of cans and or non perishable items each week. Also there are many things that take little or no effort, and cost nothing. How about instead of putting all my empty milk bottles in the recycling each week I cleaned and filled them with water, and stored them. Then at least we’d be able to wash ourselves and clean dishes etc. I’m sure there are other possibilities too.

So I will begin urban survival preparation. One step at a time, but every little bit, as I said earlier. Could very well be the difference between life and death. I will continue to write and inform you of any tips (like the milk bottles) that I come up with. I hope you will join me as we make ourselves ready for what unfortunately seems to be our inevitable future.