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Evaluating A Car Dealer’s Performance Regardless if you are ready to trade in the one you have now or this is your first time buying a car, choosing the best car dealer can help you to save thousands in the process. In addition to that, it is vital that you do your research to ensure that you’ll be satisfied and happy with your purchase. Whether you’re shopping either for a new or used car, here are few points that you have to be mindful about in a car dealer. Tip number 1. Get recommendations – while the reviews you see online in these dealerships are sure to give you an insight of their quality of service, there are instances that it can sometimes mislead you. Despite the fact that doing a web search is a good starting point, you must reach out to your family and friends who’ve recently bought a vehicle. They can tell you about the entire purchasing experience and possibly, refer you to a certain dealership. Tip number 2. Learn about the rebates offered by manufacturer – say for example that the manufacturer offer rebates on car that you’re interested in, then you must be mindful about the terms before you go by simply printing the offer straight from the website of the car manufacturer. Good and known dealers must provide you the exact terms being offered by the car manufacturer no matter what purchase price you’ve negotiated. There are dealers that also keep these rebates as profits which is a red flag that you have to avoid all the time.
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Tip number 3. Ask for a quick walkthrough – the dealership must not be spending their time with you during the test drive. Remember that the best sale associate is someone who’s willing to give you a tour of the perks and features of the car you are planning to buy. After all, this is important as it’s what giving you full understanding of your purchase before signing the sales contract.
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Tip number 4. Do research – say for example that you are trading a car, you have to estimate the trade-in value that you’re expecting to get from the car dealership by making use of an online blue book resource. It will be easier to avoid car dealers who offer less for your car’s actual trade-in value by having to know what is a fair price for it. Moreover, it is vital that you have an idea of manufacturer suggested retail price or MSRP of the car you plan to buy.

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