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On Being Healthy: Why You Need to Add California Grown Farm Fresh Almonds to Your Diet

Although it seems snacking is a minute detail in a person’s eating habits, doing it improperly can actually catapult you into gaining a lot of weight. Sometimes, the supposedly healthy snacks that are convenient or are readily available to you are actually not good for your health. Take for example, a granola bar, a seemingly healthy option but is actually packed with excessive amounts of sugar and preservatives.

If you’re in the market for a nutritious, healthy, and delicious snack option, why not try California almonds? Among other types of nuts, almonds actually contain the most nutrients. Moreover, they are filled with mono-unsaturated fatty acids that lower bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol at the same time. Almonds are considered as a superfood by many due to its healthy nutrients. The benefits of eating California almonds are as follows:

1. It’s good for cardiovascular health

Consuming almonds regularly can actually prevent you from getting a heart attack. It is a great source of folic acid that’s responsible for fighting fatty plaque that builds up in the arteries. Also found in almond is Vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant. This antioxidant protects your cells from free radical damage while assisting in the formation of red blood cells.

2. It prevents constipation

California almonds are also packed with fiber, which is great for regulating bowel movement. To combat constipation even further, it’s best to drink a lot of water after eating almonds.

3. It’s beneficial for pregnant women

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Because California almonds are rich in folic acid, it also helps in decreasing the chances of birth defects among newborn babies. Folic acid is good for the growth of cells since it helps in the healthy development of the fetus.

4. It helps regulate blood sugar levels

California almonds are also rich in potassium, which is great for regulating blood pressure. Especially after meals, almonds also help in stabilizing sugar and insulin levels. This can also be related to the prevention of diabetes. California almonds also contain magnesium, which also aids in the regulation of blood.

5. It prevents you from getting Alzheimer’s

California almonds also contain L-carnitine and Riboflavin. They reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease because these nutrients boost brain activity.

6. It can help in weight loss

According to a 2007 study in Spain, people who ate almonds regularly were less likely to gain weight than those who don’t. Also, eating almonds help you feel full and satisfied, which prevents you from overeating. Instead of grabbing a granola bar, why not opt for California almonds instead?

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