You Can Enjoy Greener Grass Without Hiring a Professional

Many people are under the impression that if they want to have greener grass, they are going to have to hire a landscaping professional. Thankfully, this isn’t always the case. With a little bit of knowledge, you can easily make the yard look beautiful and green again.

Consider Seed or Sod

This is a personal decision for everyone. If you are interested in a quick yard, think about putting down sod. If you are a little more patient, grass seed will work just fine. If you choose grass seed, the more the better. You will love having thick grass.

Make Sure Your Mower Blade is Sharp

It is very important to make sure the blade is sharp on your mower. Even if it is cutting, it doesn’t mean it is sharp. You could be causing damage to the grass by using a dull blade. You also want to avoid cutting the grass when it is wet. It needs to be dry so that it is standing upright which will give the best possible cut.

Be Careful With Watering Routines

It is important to be very careful with how often you are watering. Don’t water between 11 and 3. You also don’t want to water after dark because this is likely going to lead to a mold problem. Only water for 30 minutes in each area and the yard should look great.

Consider Using an Edger

This is an easy way to give the yard a fresh look. Others may assume this yard is professionally landscaped. Nobody needs to know the truth.

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Don’t Forget to Fertilize

The average homeowner can easily fertilize their yard without having to hire a professional as long as they know what they are doing. Use fertilizer when the weather is cool. Generally, April and October are the best times to fertilize. Don’t forget to fertilize before a rainstorm to avoid burning the grass.

If you are someone who enjoys working in the yard, follow these tips and know for certain, the yard is going to look great. A lot of money can be saved by doing it yourself. The best part is the satisfaction you will get just by knowing you were able to accomplish creating a beautiful yard.