Young Entrepreneurs Transforming The Business World

Did you get good grades? Did you get into trouble? Were you popular in grade school? When did you find your first business? These are some of the questions asked to a select few young individuals who are paving the way for the next generation of startup companies that will utterly transform the world. These group of people all come from various walks of life. From any general labor jobs portland or to the elite halls of Harvard, this group of young people has companies affecting all types of people. But despite a difference in industries, backgrounds and visions they all hold a similar drive, inspiration, and yearning to make the world a better place through their companies.

We live in a health-conscious society. Technology is making it easier for us to learn about our body. Particularly, women’s health is one of the major parts of health that consumers are constantly wanting to know more about. Thanks to the founders of Modern Fertility, women can learn more about their fertility. Afton Vechery, the founder of this company is still in her twenties and is rapidly taking the entire health world by storm. Modern Fertility is a fertility data company that allows consumers to purchase a kit where women are able to learn more about their fertility and reproductive health. The fertility testing market is worth about four hundred million dollars and this number will only rise over time.

Are you underbanked? Have you ever heard of this term? Maybe you haven’t but there’s a good chance either you or someone you know could possibly be underbanked. Over thirty million Americans are considered to be underbanked which means they have no access to traditional banking and financial solutions. A bold young millennial Sheena Allen is changing the fact that millions of Americans are without financial resources. Growing up right outside of Jackson, Mississippi she witnessed people going to pesky lenders and wanted to create a more credible way for people to have access to funds. Capway is her company that offers insights on one’s bank account and alerts them to upcoming charges from monthly subscriptions.

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Eighteen billion dollars worth of food is tossed in the trash every single year in America. It seems like more of that food could go to those in need. Wasted food from supermarkets is a tremendous issue and there’s a new startup company working to reduce wasted food. Afresh was launched by Matt Schwartz in 2016 to offer technology to supermarkets so they would know exactly how much food they should order and have on their shelves for customers. Fresh foods are hard to store. They spoil faster. Predicting customer behavior of what foods they are likely to select is a hard guessing game. Afresh solves many of these issues with its technology.

All of these young companies with their young founders prove just how technology is making it more accessible for entrepreneurs to launch startup companies. These are just a few founders that are extremely dedicated to creating companies that have a lasting effect on the world around us. From health to tech to fashion to banking to art are all the industries these daring millennials are overtaking.