Hidden Storage Areas Around Your House

Hidden Storage Areas Around Your House

It is a known fact that we eventually run out of places to store things in our home. The size of your home does not matter, it can be an apartment or a huge house. But did you know you have more storage room than you probably thought? There are many places in your home where you can find storage.

First thing you should look into is your lifestyle. What rooms do you have certain items in and how can you increase the storage in that area. Areas like your living room, where you may want to have a comforter for those cold winter nights or if you have company. Perhaps you have magazines or toys lying around. You can use an ottoman where the top can be removed and you can place things inside. You can also use a trunk or a cedar chest or even put two ottomans together to create storage space and a coffee table.

A great idea is using a filing cabinet. You can store your papers in the cabinet and cover it with a nice tablecloth and use it as an end table.

Your bedroom is great place to add and find extra storage. They have all of those new bed organizers to help save space. Even a closet, no matter how small, can be used as storage. If you use closet organizers and shelves, and even the storage hangers and containers can certainly make your closet more organized.

Another great place is your laundry room. You can easily have movable storage shelves for your detergents and bleach. You can put small shelves above your washer and dryer with bins for items like, hats, gloves and the loose sock that the dryer ate the match. You can also add clothing rods to hang shirts and skirts for when they come out of the dryer, when you go to put them in your closet they will be wrinkle free as well.

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Look around your home, you can find extra storage space in every room of the house. Using some creativity and storage tools you can create a beautiful decorative space that also has the ability to store items. So take a look around your house and see what you can find to create organization and beauty, this will help you get your life organized and make it stress free and an inviting place for family and friends.