How to Choose Commercial Refrigeration

Your choice of commercial refrigeration will depend on a range of factors, not least the type of business you have and your premises.

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One of the first decisions you need to make is how big a unit you need. This will depend on both the size of your business and the size of your premises. When measuring up, remember to leave space at the sides and at the back to allow for essential ventilation.

What kind of door?

You will also need to decide what kind of door. Solid doors can be more energy efficient and you never face problems with fogging glass.

There are benefits to glass doors, however. A glass door refrigerator such as those available at can be a great way of showing off your wares front-of-house, and even if they are running in the background, it can make it easy for staff to locate items quickly. It can also act as a deterrent to keeping a messy or disorganised fridge, as everyone can see the contents inside.

Make cleaning easy

Another important consideration is whether your refrigerator has castors and, if not, whether you can fit them or move the unit easily to clean behind. This is important, as environmental health officers will want to see that you clean everywhere and won’t be scared of moving your fridge to check on your hygiene levels. Read more about keeping food premises clean at

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Drawers or doors

Whether you choose a worktop or under-counter fridge, you may need to decide between doors and drawers. Your choice will depend largely on what you are storing and how you work. If you want to store full-sized pans, drawers may be the way to go.

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Another decision is whether you want slanted shelves. These can be useful if you plan to use your refrigerator for display purposes but are unnecessary if you aren’t.

However you plan to use your shelves, you may want to consider investing in one with adjustable shelves, which will make it as easy as possible to accommodate a whole host of differently sized items.

Under-counter or worktop

If you have ample work surfaces and you want a fridge to slot underneath, you need an under-counter version. If, however, you have a space that would benefit from another working area, there are worktop units to offer extra space.