How to Organize Your Workshop

How to Organize Your Workshop

In order to perform work in a shop, you must have the ability to easily find and store tools and stuff. Unfortunately in some shops this is easier said than done, as disorganization can set in and clutter intensifies over time. Little by little it becomes harder and harder to locate and use items in a workshop if it doesn’t have a good organizing and storage system. Here are some tips to help get a workshop organized so it becomes useful again…

Organize the Tools and Stuff

Organize all the items in the workshop into separate piles: i.e. piles for storage, donation, throwing away, selling and accessibility. Get rid of the things you don’t intend to keep. Then figure out how to best organize and store the remaining items. Put priority on items, i.e. most used verses least used, then organize them spatially per priority assigned.

Lay Out the Work Space on Paper

Before installing any organizing and storage shelving and hanging units, be sure to lay out on paper how you want to organize the work space. Locate where you want your tools, where you want storage areas for boxes, and where to hang your accessible items. Approaching the design of the workshop this way will optimize and maximize the work space.

Get Rid of the Clutter

Even though it is a workshop, often a lot of stuff ends up on the floor, cluttering the space. There is so much wasted space around the shop on its walls. Use high strength workshop organizing systems to place your storage items on shelves and accessible items hanging below these shelves. When using an industrial strength storage solution, you can hang or store most anything on the wall. Locating tools and items on the shop’s walls, means it is off the floor, leaving tons of work space.

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Get the Right Workshop Organizing and Storage System

Find an organization and storage solution that has offers a complete solution, including adjustable bars, hooks and shelves. The custom storage system needs to be industrial strength and recommended to hold upwards of one thousand pounds for every four feet. All components of the organization and storage system need to be made out of heavy gauge steel and have an enamel finish that is guaranteed not to scratch, chip, fade or rust. Find a guaranteed to last workshop storage and organization solution.