Metal Storage Buildings – A Durable Choice for Extra Space

Metal Storage Buildings – A Durable Choice for Extra Space

When you hear the words “metal building” they usually refer to either steel or aluminum structures. In the case of metal storage buildings, they are designed and built for much more heavy-duty use. The durability of a metal enclosure provides protection from such physical damage as regular daily wear and tear and can be an excellent deterrent against theft and vandalism. Metal storage buildings are an excellent choice for long-term storage because anything you place in it will be kept dry and safe from most forms of weather damage.

Metal sheds are very popular today for a number of good reasons. Metal buildings are resistant to fire and damage from rot as well as being impervious to pests such as termites. Steel sheds are very affordable to buy or construct, but over time they can rust unless treated or coated to prevent oxidation. You will want to check with the manufacturer or materials provider for the availability of warranties against rust and corrosion. Aluminum sheds are less likely to corrode, but are initially more expensive than galvanized steel sheds.

Metal buildings should be secured to a foundation. Without questions, the best choice for a combination foundation and flooring for you metal building is a concrete slab. This will offer the best protection for your stored items and help to prevent intrusion by most insects and pests.

A metal storage shed is a sensible investment, not only for the initial cost savings, but due to the expected useful life of the structure. I will not estimate cost per square footage here since it varies by location, but I believe you will find it to be well below other construction materials. For that reason, metal buildings are used to store everything from livestock and farm implements to normal home use gardening equipment.

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They can be adapted and built for almost any purpose and are available in a wide variety of designs and sizes. For example, you will see metal buildings using simple arched building designs used to store hay. Then you will also see more complex structures designed for anything from self-storage to commercial warehousing. Metal storage buildings are almost always the most cost efficient solution when compared to wooden, vinyl, or plastic.

That same benefit applies to metal building kits as well. There are DIY (do-it-yourself) kits that include everything you need to build a professional looking and functioning structure. And the best part is; you’ll find the assembly is very simple. Steel storage buildings which are designed with arch frames only require simple construction. The metal ribs are interlocked together, in order to form an arch, along with walls which have end panels. Just remember to be sure the steel is galvanized, so it won’t rust or rot.

Whether you are buying a fully constructed building or a metal shed in kit form, the nature of metal buildings allows you to choose the size, type and number of doors you need for the perfect farm shop, equipment storage or machine shed. In the same way, choose the custom size you need. Don’t forget, metal buildings can be small for garden tools and lawn mowers, or large enough for an airplane hangar.