Selecting Wicker Products For the Home

Selecting Wicker Products For the Home

Wicker products are enduringly popular and for good reason. They have great practical value and can be used in a range of decorative ways. Wicker is durable and wicker chairs in particular have an element of ‘give’ in them which makes them very comfortable. Wicker also has the benefit that it is relatively inexpensive and adaptable, as items of wicker furniture can be used in several rooms … in the bedroom, in a conservatory, on a balcony, outdoors on a patio, or in the garden.

Wicker furniture is usually made from willow, reed, rattan and certain grasses but it can also be constructed from synthetic wicker made of plastic. Originally, this type of furniture was a bit frail and rickety, but these days, it takes a much more durable form being heavier and the framework made stronger and more rigid often with the use of bamboo. As such, this type of lightweight furniture can withstand as much usage as furniture made of wood.

Despite the advances in wicker furniture construction much of the work is done by hand so that each item is individual. However, this individuality means buying wicker furniture should be done with care, looking carefully at its construction since not every craftsperson will have the same skills, and the quality of the material used in the construction will also vary. Whatever type of wicker product you are buying, the wicker should be smooth and neatly finished with no loose ends visible which can catch the hands or tear clothing.

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The design of wicker products presents the buyer with choices. Are you looking for straight-lined rigid furniture suitable for a dining room perhaps, or do you need something with curves and flexibility for lounging in? Look also at the style of weave and the colour so the product will blend in with your current decor.

Wicker products available include many items of furniture, plus shopping and bicycle baskets, dog baskets, storage boxes, and baskets for linen and laundry.