The Benefit of a Mixer

Your industrial processes required mixing of raw materials, and you must purchase a mixer that completes these jobs properly. There are quite a few businesses that need mixers, but you must be aware of how the mixers work. This article explains what a mixer does for your company when you wish to blend materials.

What Is Your Best Option?

A sigma blade mixer uses two paddles to fold together materials in the base of the mixer. The units itself presses materials together with both paddles, and they alternate turning over the material against the interior of the housing.

You must use a mixer such as this when you have heavy, viscous, or messy materials. It is simple for you to use the mixer because it does all the work for you. These mixers move slowly so that you may mix everything completely. It is difficult for you to use a traditional mixer to do this because the material gets pulled up the sides of the bowl.

The sigma mixer may include large and small paddles, and they change the way your products mix. You must ensure that you have used the proper blades for each job, and you may complete many mixing jobs without any trouble. The paddles are often included with the machine, or you may buy extras that are the size you need.

How Large Is the Device?

You may choose from large and small mixers depending on how large your workspace is. You may use a small mixer when you make tiny batches for small jobs. However, there are large sigma mixers that are useful for construction sites. It is simple for you to use the mixer in an outdoor setting because the lid may be closed, and the trough may be so large that you are mixing gallons of material at the same time.

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The paddles that you use must be chosen to be large enough to mix your products, and you must ask the manufacturer which paddles they would use with your materials. It is simple for you to use mixer when you have the proper paddles, and you must invest in as many paddles as you need. Your company does not mix just one thing because you may clean out the device and mix something else.


You may clean out this device every time something has been mixed, and you may spray it down without any trouble. There are quite a few companies that must mix many batches every day, and you may hose down the housing to get it ready for more mixing. The mixer was designed to be simple, and it was designed to meet your needs in all situations.

You are using your mixer to get work done efficiently, and you may spray it down on the construction site before mixing more. You may purchase a sigma mixer that does everything you need, but it need not be large. Your mixer is one part of a long manufacturing process.