The Five Steps From Blueprint To Building A Shed

The Five Steps From Blueprint To Building A Shed

So you’ve decided to build a storage shed in your back garden. You may want to use it to get rid of some of the stuff stored in your garage, or you may want to use it to store garden tools. Whatever the function, size or design of the shed you are planning, it all starts with a good set of storage shed blueprints. These can easily be obtained online, and there are literally hundreds of sizes and styles to choose from. You can follow the blueprints to the letter, or you may decide to ad design touches of your own or make some alterations to the size of the shed. Whatever you decide, having a good set of blueprints is the foundation of every building project, whether you’re an amateur DIY enthusiast, or a skilled woodworker.

Obviously, by building your storage shed yourself, you will save a great deal of money as opposed to buying a prefabricated shed in a kit, or a readymade shed. Apart from saving money, many DIY enthusiasts prefer to build their own shed just for the sheer satisfaction and enjoyment of completing a project with their own hands.

The Steps from Blueprint to Building the Shed

– The first step is to order a professional set of storage shed blueprints that give you a clear set of plans that are easily readable and simple to understand. You can order blueprints from a number of online sites, download them to your computer, and print them.

– Once you have your storage shed blueprints, decide on where you are going to build your new storage shed. Be sure not to build the shed too close to boundaries as this may contravene local building regulations. You may also have to obtain a permit or planning permission from your local zoning authority (most local authorities allow the building of outdoor sheds as long as they do not exceed a certain square footage).

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– A good set of blueprints will also include a materials list. This is an itemized list of all the materials you will need to complete the building project. A comprehensive materials list will also include a cutting list. Take the cutting list to your local hardware store and they will cut all the timber pieces for you to size.

– One of the main benefits of a professional set of blueprints is that they usually include a detailed instruction guide that will include not only the steps needed to get the project done, but also spell out useful tips as well as diagrams to show how difficult cuts and joins are made.

You should now have your plans ready, your building site picked out, and materials all cut and ready. Time to start building!