The Most Common Appliance Problems That Homeowners Experience

As a homeowner, you have many household possessions that allow you to regularly function with ease. Unfortunately, sometimes our appliances just want to give us a battle. While there are many issues that our appliances could have, let’s take a look at the most common that you’ll be likely to experience.

The first common appliance issue is with your refrigerator, or shall we say freezer. A clogged defrost drain can make the bottom of your freezer turn into a skating rink. For those of you homeowners that still sport the freezer over refrigerator model, it’s likely you’ll notice water dripping into the fridge. This is due to the overflow of water in your freezer. There are a lot of reasons that your drain may be clogged, such as plastic bags blocking the flow of water. This fix requires you to unplug your appliance and manually apply hot water to the clogged drain until it opens up. You should be prepared to spend a good deal of time defrosting your drain.

Next is the dreaded occasion of discovering there is no water going into your dishwasher. Instead of thinking about how much work it will be to hand wash all those dishes like they did 50 years ago, you should examine your float switch. Inside of your dishwasher at the bottom of the tank, there is a float switch. It looks like an upside-down cup. This float is intended to start at the bottom of the tank and rise as the water level rises. When the float gets to the top of the tank, it signals to the dishwasher to stop filling with water. This is great normally because it helps to prevent your dishwasher from overfilling and spilling water all over your floor. Unfortunately, when the float is stuck in the up position, it can signal to your dishwasher to not fill will water. So before you freak out, check the float switch and see if it’s stuck in the up position.

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The last problem we’re going to discuss is a warming refrigerator. If you notice that your fridge is starting to feel warmer than normal, it could be a couple of different things. The first step is to see what the temperature level is set on. If the temperature is still set on the regular setting that you use, it’s time to look into the freezer. If there is ice buildup in the back of your freezer, you’ve got a defrost problem. Even though newer appliances are constructed to help us avoid this defrost issue, it does happen from time to time. Your defroster is made up of three main parts. these are the timer, heater, and thermostat. It’s likely that one or more of these appliance parts have failed and that’s why you have warm food.

As you can see, there are various problems that appliances can cause for a homeowner. By being aware of these more common issues, you can step back and relax when they do happen. This is because you understand they are normal problems and that you can easily fix them.