Keep Your Detergents Organized With Laundry Room Storing Solutions

Keep Your Detergents Organized With Laundry Room Storing Solutions

A laundry room is inherently messy. In most homes, it can quickly become cluttered with dirty clothing, clothes hangers and all the supplies needed to do a family’s laundry. In some homes, the laundry room is the main rear entrance to the house, so lots of miscellaneous items can end up there, too. Those items just add to the clutter. But you can keep the primary tools of laundry processing-detergents, softeners and stain removers-organized if you take advantage of the right storing solutions.

The simplest solution to organize your detergents is the Washing Machine Wire Shelf. This vinyl-coated steel wire shelf mounts easily over the top of the washing machine or the dryer. That is usually wasted space, but with this organizer, that spot becomes a handy place to hold everything you need for your laundry-day chores. At 10 x 26 A� x 1 inches in size, it’s big enough to handle your favorite bottles of detergent and softener. And everything is right there within easy reach. The wire is bright white, so it looks nice, too, plus it’s easy to keep clean and free of the lint that can layer items in the laundry room.

The Roll-Out Caddy is another handy organizer that keeps your detergent and softener supplies within easy reach of where they are most needed. At nine inches wide, this organizer will fit conveniently between your washer and dryer, and it rolls easily in and out for access. The three shelves provide plenty of room for all your laundry supplies, and everything is easy to see when you roll out this caddy. The white powder-coated steel wire is bright and easy to clean. You’ll be thrilled with how simple it is to assemble, too, knowing that you’ll have your Roll-Out Caddy up and working within just a few minutes.

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The Laundry Caddy is another form of rolling cart, but this one is constructed of sturdy melamine with dual track casters for easy movement. It also fits between the washer and dryer to save space in your laundry room. The three shelves provide plenty of room for everything you need to do your laundry chores, with raised sides to keep everything in place.

If you prefer to keep all of your laundry supplies out of sight, the Wicker Between Washer Dryer Drawers will do the job for you. This 8 A� inch wide unit fits conveniently between the washer and dryer. The drawers slide smoothly in and out of the frame, and they are different sizes to accommodate all sorts of laundry supplies. The bottom drawer can hold bottles of detergent of softener, while boxes fit inside the other three drawers. This unit is constructed of a durable plastic in bright white to match most washer/dryer pairs.

You can keep your laundry room tidy with the 3 Tier Laundry Cart. This handsome organizer is constructed of metal framing that is hollow to keep it light weight. But it’s sturdy, too. A detachable canvas bag slides out for you to place your dirty laundry inside it then slides back out of sight. Three shelves provide you with plenty of space to store bottles of softener and boxes of detergent. It’s a handy spot to place clean laundry as you fold it, too. The metal framing is shiny and clean looking, and the wire shelves give the piece an open feel.

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If space is at a real minimum in your laundry area, you can still corral your bottles and boxes easily with the Rectangular Storage Container. Constructed of sturdy canvas cloth with a water-resistant vinyl lining, this is a handy container in which to store your detergent and softener. The handles make it easy to lift and carry, meaning you can hide it in the pantry or other closet until it’s time to do your laundry. It even makes a handy tote for carrying damp towels from the bathroom to the laundry area. The vinyl lining is easy to wipe clean, too.

Step up your organization with the Laundry Station. This rolling cart will provide a place for all the supplies that you need to get your laundry done. The removable canvas bag provides you with a place to keep dirty clothes. Two shelves offer space for detergent and softener storage, and there is a slide-out wire basket under the top for storage of small items such as stain-remover sticks. The top is constructed of sturdy melamine and it provides a handy space for you to fold clothes as they come out of the dryer. Roll this handy organizer wherever you need it then roll it out of the way when your laundry is done.

These are just a few ideas for laundry room storage units. No matter how many boxes of detergent or bottles of softener you keep on hand, you’re sure to find the perfect storage unit for your needs.