Shed Plans – 4 Things to Look For

Shed Plans – 4 Things to Look For

If you are anything like me there is a least a dozen projects around the house that have never gotten completed. I know how you feel as you consider the task of building a shed to store all the garden and yard equipment. I felt the same way, when I decided to build such a difficult project but I found that all the design nightmares go away when you build with a good set of shed plans.

Imagine what it would be like if you completed the storage shed with the help of the shed plans. Your commercial grade lawn equipment no longer keeps the car out of the garage. You have completed a serious project and now have the confidence of a skilled woodworking craftsman.

You can feel this confidence. First you must be sure you actually start with a premium set of shed plans. A good set will include a complete materials list. This will save you time and money. No more false starts having to return to the lumber yard to purchase hardware you found you need. No more wasted money in buying excess materials and supplies.

Second the set of shed plans include lumber cut sizes. Again this will ensure you have the right amount of wood cut to the right sizes and the project should just fit together perfectly.

Third ensure that the building plans are more than a just drawings that make you guess about cuts and joints. The plans should be like detailed commercial blueprints with blow ups of critical construction area such as joints and roof lines.

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Fourth the plans should include some sort of customer support, a means to call someone with questions that arise during construction. The source of the plans should at least include an email address and a phone number.